ICT Budget: Yes and increased focus for 2011, seems to be a moving target and there are always unexpected costs due to government initiatives, involvement in Cluster and finding out about new things.
No, not yet. Most of what is happening is about people going to PD, and the rest includes the fixed costs of the ongoing day to day running of our ICT - monthly broardband, equipment maintanence etc. No money for extras at the moment.
Staff Wish list: More of the same e.g. cameras, data projectors, interactive whiteboards, PD, technical support, subscriptions, software
Extending the Budget: PTA/ fundraising, Grant applications, user pays (laptop class), savvy use of the budget, being aware of extra possibilities for additional funding
Online Resources: Place in TKI you could go to find information, having examples of effective budgets to access, knowing future direction of MOE Iniatives