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LeadersPLG2.pngLeaders Professional Learning Group

Welcome to our Leaders PLG page.
This page provides information and links for several of the professional learning activities that we will be doing during todays' session.

dig_lit_multimedia_logo.pngDigital Literacy Using Multi-media Resources
Information about this practicum, requirements and links to supporting software for PC's is available through our "Information" section of this wiki (or click on the multi-media button to the left).

To book your staff into the practicums go to the "Bookings" section of this wiki. Please note that the practicums will be run as either PC or Mac sessions.

In-school Support
Term 2 in-school support reflections
In groups complete a P.M.I reflecting about the last round of in-school support.

Discuss and reflect on how your school structured and organised the in-school support.

Record your key points under the P.M.I. headings on your groups reflection page.


Teaching as Inquiry Review
Teaching_as_Inquiry.pngIn School Groups, or small cross cluster groups...
Share and reflect on your Teaching as Inquiry Cycles
  • Where are you up to so far?
  • What are your school expectations?
  • How will staff share their progress, results & future goals?
  • How will you implement the next cycle?
  • How will you ensure full participation?
Can each school please record the response to these questions in the "discussion" forum at the top of this page.

The Teaching as Inquiry information can be fond through the "Resources" section of this wiki, or click on the image above

Milestone Report
milestone.pngDiscuss feedback from Nick Rate about the last milestone.

Discuss the requirements of the final milestone including:
• The methods of data collection and reporting;
• A schedule for data collection, analysis and reporting.
(Please see goals, success indicators, programme activities and methods of
measuring success from the cluster variation document to guide these decisions.)

Access the Milestone section through the "Admin" section of this wiki or click on the above image link.

ICT Leadership Workshop
As a key focus for this Leaders PLG we will be collaboratively working through an ICT Leadership Workshop
  • Each group needs to start on a different section of the workshop
  • Have two computers, one computer to view the slideshare and the second to be in edit mode to add your discussions as you go
  • Work through the slideshare, discuss the content and answer the questions on the last slide (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Move onto the next section....
  • Click on this image to access the ICT Leadership Workshop

Online Collaborative Competition
Click on the Image link to visit our competition wiki