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Possible classroom use:
Weather - write a weather report script for a newsreader. Links with Science.
learn a new word each day related to the environment
Use the new word for the day in context in a report on an environmental issue. Links with Social Studies
world counter - gives a variety of statistics in realtime using a variety of reputable sources
Take a world statistic e.g. population of China and complete a related report or research
Links: Maths, health & Social Studies
Quote of the Day from BrainyQuote. Enjoy a great quote each day and click on the author to view all the authors quotes. From BrainyQuote.com the largest, most user-friendly quotation site on the web.
Conduct an research inquiry on the author of the quote
Link: Social Studies
click on screen to start playing Bon Appetit, a fun nutrition education game. See if you can aim fork to create a balanced meal! Free games 'PRO' share our widget it has no ads! Fun food and nutrition oriented educational, arcade style games- aim the fork to collect food items, learn about the food groups and create… (more)
Plan a dinner party using some of the ingredients collected in the game to create a healthy meal
Link: English
a site that allows you to add books that you've read to a virtual bookshelf
Students write reviews of books that they have read, opr read as a class and add them to the library
has many links to cool widgets that can add visual appeal to a wiki. The puzzles link allows you to upload images and turn them into jogsaw like puzzles that can be manipulated on the screen and range in complexity
download pictures of the world and students try to piece together or a face of a famous person. could use as a starter/catcher for a lesson.